Clifford Zeller MD

About Me

I am a psychiatrist, which is a medical physician with special training to treat disorders of the mind including emotions, thoughts and memory. I believe the healing of mind or body starts with a good relationship with your doctor.

Here is a summary of my education and background:

I’m a native of Chicago and attended Chicago public schools. I enrolled at Northwestern University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Art History. I returned to Northwestern for medical studies and earned my M.D. degree there as well. I received my postgraduate medical specialty training at the University of Colorado and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • I’ve spent approximately 30 years in a combination of direct treatment of patients and leadership – administrative positions in Wisconsin, and the Northern Colorado area. I’ve always been involved in teaching and am the recipient of the American Academy of Family Physicians Teaching Recognition Award.
  • Board Certified Diplomate: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry.
  • Board Certified Diplomate, Subspecialty: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Geriatric Psychiatry.
  • Lifetime Member Status American Psychiatric Association

I have training and experience for the treatment of complex mood and anxiety disorders with medication and psychotherapy in the following areas:

  • Innovative psychopharmacology for complicated biologically based problems. I use my understanding of psychopharmacology to treat the right neurotransmitter system targeted to the particular symptoms experienced. Emphasis is on safety and the minimization of side effects.
  • Compulsive-impulsive disorders, particularly binge-eating, overweight, spending and gambling
  • Young senior issues including retirement, marriage, family, business succession, and changing roles
  • Adults dealing with memory impairment both with diagnosis and treatment options
  • Impaired clergy and those who would like to include spirituality in their recovery process
  • GLBT issues, including family, relationship and work stressors
  • Professionals in leadership positions in business, medicine and other high stress, high profile occupations
  • Integrative medicine positive approaches to diagnosis related to emotional distress and physical symptom such as irritable bowel, tinnitus, migraine headaches or chronic pain.
  • Eating disorders in both men and women